Reducer Transmission Make Pine Wood Sawdust Pellet Machine Running Stable 

Gongyi Yugong Machinery Manufacturing Factory is located in central China, and is a professional manufacturer mainly engaged in designing, manufacturing and exporting biomass pellet making machine such as wood pellet machine, straw pellet machine, sawdust pellet machine, etc.
Pine wood sawdust pellet machine adopt fan blower cooling system to draw out these heat, so when the wood pellet go out, its surface is smooth without water. Lubricate system: the oil pump, 20- 24 hrs working, lubricates the bearing per half an hr automatically.
Dust collection system: bag dust collector, dusting collecting room, deducting function, keep working environment cleaner.

Transmission system: Reducer transmission, stable and enough power for pine wood sawdust pellet machine running. The reducer has 3- times reduced, from 1490r/min to 75r/min, ensure the transmission accuracy.
Motors: the motor is 4 -grade motor, save electricity consumption compare with 6 --grade motor, the pressure between roller and die is enough to press the hard wood material.
As a professional pine wood sawdust pellet machine manufacturer, Yugong has a specialized R&D department and a dedicated export sector. We believed that success comes to a great service. Sincerely hoping that our pine wood sawdust pellet machine would meet your needs and that both sides could cooperation happily! Welcome to visit our factory!



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