Double-layer Dies Biomass Pellet Machine

Gongyi Yugong Machinery Manufacturing Factory is located in central China, and is a professional manufacturer mainly engaged in designing, manufacturing and exporting biomass pellet making machine such as wood pellet machine, straw pellet machine, sawdust pellet machine, etc.
double-layer dies biomass pellet machine  is professional equipment for producing biomass fuel pellets, animal feed pellet for sheep or cattle and organic fertilizer pellets etc.
The pellets size 4mm, 6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm, 15mm, meeting different customer requirements.
double-layer dies biomass pellet machine could compress all kinds of biomass raw materials into pellets, such as wood logs, wood chips, wood sawdust, EFB fiber, straw stalk, grass, olive waste, agro waste etc. Formation rate more than 98%.
Vertical Feeding
This design can feed the materials into granulating room directly, and avoid jam in granulating room.

Double-layer dies
Both sides of the die can be used, and when one side is used up, you can change the other side to continue using. This design increases the availability of die, and reduces cost.

Cooling System
As the pelletizing process will generate high temperature, it will lower the service life of die and bearing. Cooling system are considering this situation and avoid it happened.
As a professional Chinese
double-layer dies biomass pellet machine
manufacturer, Yugong has a specialized R&D department and a dedicated export sector. We believed that success comes to a great service. Sincerely hoping that our double-layer dies biomass pellet machine would meet your needs and that both sides could cooperation happily! Welcome to visit our factory!


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